GFM was created with the passion for better health, consumption of better healthier foods, and to offer customers a higher level of integrity during their shopping experience. Our Co-op is now sponsered by the Maximized Living Chiropractic offices of DR. Eric Lerner. We are the only all organically raised Florida meats and organic produce co-op in central Florida. If you would like to be part of our growing family please REPLY, or use our CONTACT page.

Studies have shown that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, as part of a diet low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar, can help control blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and may reduce risk of osteoporosis, dementia and certain cancers while also boosting your immune system. Plus, their high fiber & water content will fill you up, satisfy you longer, and help you maintain a healthy weight.


"USDA moves to let Monsanto perform its own environmental impact studies on GMOs " Some Arsenic With That Supermarket Chicken? Organic Food May Become a Thing of the Past
Hymalayan Pink Sea Salt: What is this salt and what are the nutritional benefits of its use?


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"The policy set for GE alfalfa will most likely guide policies for other GE crops as well. True coexistence is a must." - Whole Foods Market, Jan. 21, 2011

Organic - In the News

Raw Milk in Florida

Whole Foods Market has officially dropped raw milk from its shelves in Florida.
Raw Milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized.

Organics - Definitions

Why Organic?

Excluding the last few decades, organic agriculture has been the only form of agriculture practiced on the planet. Under its simplest definition, organic agriculture is farming without synthetic chemicals.